Abs – Definition & Meaning

The term “abs” is an abbreviation that is commonly used in the English language. It is used in various contexts, from medical terminology to legal jargon. Understanding the definition and meaning of this term is important for effective communication.


The term “abs” is an abbreviation for “abdominals,” which refers to the muscles in the abdomen. It is also an abbreviation for “absent,” which means not present or missing. In legal terms, “abs” is short for “absentia,” which means a defendant is not present in court.


The abbreviation “abs” has its roots in Latin. The word “abdomen” comes from the Latin word “abdominis,” which means “belly.” The word “absentia” comes from the Latin word “absentis,” which means “being away.”

Meaning in different dictionaries

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “abs” is defined as “abdominal muscles.” In the Oxford English Dictionary, it is defined as “the muscles in the front of the abdomen.” In legal dictionaries, “abs” is defined as “absentia,” which means a defendant is not present in court.


The term “abs” is often associated with fitness and exercise. It is a common term used in the fitness industry to refer to the abdominal muscles. The term is also associated with legal proceedings, where it is used to refer to a defendant who is not present in court.


Synonyms for “abs” include abdominal muscles, core muscles, and stomach muscles.


Antonyms for “abs” include present, accounted for, and visible.

The same root words

The root words for “abs” include “abdomen,” “abdominis,” and “absentis.”

Example Sentences

  • I need to work on my abs if I want to get in shape.
  • The defendant was tried in absentia, as he was not present in court.
  • The doctor said that my abs were strong and healthy.
  • The teacher marked me absent from class because I was not there.
  • The fitness trainer showed us how to properly exercise our abs.
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