Abrasion – Definition & Meaning

Abrasions are a common occurrence in our daily lives. We experience them when we scrape our skin against a rough surface or when our clothes rub against our skin. Abrasion is a term that is used to describe this type of injury. In this article, we will explore the definition and meaning of abrasion.


An abrasion is a wound caused by the scraping or rubbing of the skin against a rough or hard surface. It is a type of injury that is characterized by the removal of the top layer of skin. Abrasions can range from minor scrapes to more severe injuries that require medical attention.


The word abrasion comes from the Latin word “abrasio,” which means “to scrape.” The term has been used in the English language since the 15th century.

Meaning in different dictionaries

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, abrasion is defined as “the act or process of wearing away by friction.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines abrasion as “the process of scraping or wearing away a surface by friction.”


Abrasion is often associated with injuries that are caused by falls, accidents, or sports-related activities. It is also associated with the use of abrasive materials such as sandpaper or steel wool.


Some synonyms of abrasion include scrape, graze, scratch, and cut.


Antonyms of abrasion include healing, repair, and recovery.

The same root words

Some other words that share the same root as abrasion include abrade, abrasive, and abrader.

Example Sentences

  • She suffered an abrasion on her knee after falling off her bike.
  • The sandpaper caused an abrasion on the surface of the wood.
  • The athlete had a minor abrasion on his elbow after a collision during the game.
  • The doctor recommended cleaning the abrasion with soap and water to prevent infection.
  • The abrasion on his hand was painful but not serious enough to require stitches.
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