Abought – Definition & Meaning

The word “abought” is not a commonly used word in modern English, but it is still found in some old literature and texts. It is important to understand the meaning of this word and its origin to fully appreciate its usage in literature and everyday language.


Abought is a verb that means “to pay the price for something” or “to redeem by payment.” It can also mean “to suffer the consequences of something” or “to atone for a mistake or wrongdoing.”


The word “abought” is derived from the Old English word “abutan,” which means “about” or “around.” Over time, the word evolved to mean “to buy” or “to purchase,” and eventually took on the meaning of “to pay the price for something.”

Meaning in different dictionaries

Abought is not commonly found in modern dictionaries, but it is still listed in some older ones. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “to pay the price for something,” while Merriam-Webster defines it as “to atone for.”


The word “abought” is often associated with the idea of redemption or payment for a mistake or wrongdoing. It can also be associated with the idea of sacrifice or suffering in order to achieve a goal.


Some synonyms for abought include: paid, redeemed, compensated, atoned, and suffered.


Antonyms for abought include: received, gained, profited, benefited, and escaped.

The same root words

The root word of “abought” is “about,” which means “around” or “near.” Other words that share this root include “abound,” “about-face,” and “abroad.”

Example Sentences

  1. He abought his freedom with years of hard work and sacrifice.
  2. She abought her mistake by apologizing and making amends.
  3. The company abought the land for a high price.
  4. He knew he had abought his laziness when he failed the exam.
  5. The soldiers abought their victory with blood and sweat.
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